Our Technical Director, Lighting and Sound Designers will adapt the Concert plots to your venue for an advance hang. The TD is available to your staff for questions and adaptations. If needed, the TD can come to your facility a day or two prior to the Artists to assist. Venues that present dance, theater and music touring groups can usually provide acceptable lighting and sound inventory. It is a beautiful show but not particularly complex. Most specialty items can be rented and musical instruments backlined in major metropolitan areas. Those that can’t will tour with the Company. Special effects are limited to video and static projections, gobo texture, and very light atmospheric haze. Intelligent lighting will be used when available but is not required. The set is a construct of standard 4’ x 8’ platforms of varying heights and stair units. The set decor is hangings, rugs, tapestries and flowers (all provided). An experienced light board and board programmer/Op is required, same for sound. Stagecrew: 6 for load-in and build, 4 to run; stg L, stg Rt, light board, sound board.